Keurig K130 Brewing System Review

Keurig K130 Brewing System

The Keurig K130 used to be called the B130 Brewing System. It is a very good coffee maker but before we get any further, it should be pointed out that the Keurig K130 is UL listed as Commercial Use Only.

The Keurig K130 is very easy to use, with very detailed instructions on the coffee maker. Even people who have never used a coffee maker before can brew a cup of coffee without any problems. The K130 uses K-Cups which makes it easy to keep it clean. And most important of all, it makes good hot coffee. The low power consumption, max 700 Watts, can be important if your electrical wiring is old.

The Keurig K130 Brewing System is a compact coffe maker, making it ideal if space is limited. But the small size also means that only 8 oz cups can be used. If you prefer 10-12 oz cups then you need to find another coffee machine.

The Keurig K130 Brewing System has a couple of limitations. As mentioned earlier, large cups can’t be used. The water reservoir is small, it only holds water for a single cup of coffee. Since it only brews one cup at a time, if several people want coffee it will take quite some time before everyone has got their coffee. The Keurig K130 is also a little bit slow, it takes about 3 minutes before the coffee is ready.

The Keurig K130 Brewing System is backed by a one year limited warranty. Coffee machines do break once in a while and since the K130 is for commercial use only, the warranty could be void if it has been used in non-commercial environments.

Keurig K130 Brewing System Specifications

Dimensions (W×D×H) 7˝ x 10˝ x 11 1/8˝
Height (water lid open) 14˝
Weight 7 lbs. (empty)
UL Rating Commercial
Power Consumption 700W
Voltage 110 – 120 VAC; 60 Hz
Plug Type 3-Wire Grounded


  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Good value for the money


  • For commercial use only
  • Small water reservoir

What the Customer Say About the Keurig K130 Brewing System
The customers have given the Keurig K130 Brewing System an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. In other words, most customers were happy with their new Keurig K130. Most of the reviewers said that the K130 Brewing System was easy to use and brewed good, hot coffee. The small size was often mentioned as one of the reasons for buying the Keurig K130. Some also mentioned the low power consumption as an important reason.

A couple of buyers complained that the coffee was not hot enough and some others that the Keurig K130 was relatively slow. As usual when it comes to coffee makers, most complaints were due to broken units. Although most coffee makers are reliable, failures happens once in a while. The Keurig K130 does not seem to be neither significantly less reliable, nor more reliable, than most other coffee makers.

Here are some typical customer comments:

“Gotta love this machine, it is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy fantastic coffee, completely hands-off, no measure, no guess work and no mess!”

“It’s amazing. It makes delicious fresh brewed coffee, it’s economically, efficient. I love the fact that I don’t waste coffee. If you purchase this Keurig I would recommend buying the reusable cups. If you buy the beans of the same brand of the k-cups and grind them yourself you will get three times the amount for the same price.”

“The unit is compact, and works well. I took it to work and my expectations were low since it is the cheapest of the keurig k-cup machines, but it works great! It only does an 8 oz. size and it cannot fit a large mug, but I’m fine with both of those issues. It’s quick and not loud. It’s very easy to use.”

“This the perfect brewer for someone who doesn’t have a lot of counter space or want to put it on their work cubicle. The best feature is the fact you can use the K-cups or the accessory basket to make regular coffee or tea. My opinion, the best coffee maker i have ever owned.”

Customer comments were paraphrased to save space.

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Keurig K130 Brewing System Review Summary

If you are looking for a coffee maker which is easy to use and reasonably priced then you should have a closer look at the Keurig K130 Brewing System. It has a number of limitations but it is compact and easy to use. Note that it is for commercial use only.

It is a good solution if you don’t need to brew large amounts of coffee and the machine can be used also by people not used to operate coffee makers. If you need a coffee maker at home or need to brew large amounts of coffee, you should have a look at other models.

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